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"I have worked with and recommended Bob on more than one occasion as it relates to both improving the operational performance of businesses as well as in transactions related to the purchase or sale of businesses. Bob's extensive knowledge of business operations coupled with his passion and high integrity make him a person that I strongly recommend to others. " Robert Champoux


"I engaged Bob King to sell my business. He did. That's the end of the story. What he did throughout the process amazed me. He's the cool hand Luke of M&A. Sharp. Honest. Quick to understand all aspects of the sale. His calm guidance to both parties, negotiating skills and determination to close a deal equitable to both sides are rare. Bob King is the man you want to sell or save your business. Period. " Jim Newsom, Founder and former owner of Urban Hardwoods


"I engaged Bob to help me revamp my hiring process. With his assistance and guidance we have developed a hiring process using the "DISC Assessment", which he administers & interprets, as a primary tool. Bob helped me develop position specific “Key Accountabilities” from my job descriptions that then shaped the basis of position specific “DISC Benchmarks”. This hiring process has been extremely successful. As a result, I have been building a much stronger staff, and my business is growing nicely. I would highly recommend Bob – he has high integrity, sincerely cares about the success of his clients, and is very competent in his work. And, he is a genuinely pleasant individual to boot! " Rod Ferris


"I've engaged Bob's services on multiple occasions to work directly with me as well as with my executive management team in facilitating, coaching and consulting roles. Bob's "been around the block" and has built up a great wealth of knowledge, but also tools to assess, improve and position corporate strategies and operating plans. He operates as a confidant, using his experience and insights to tell you what you need to hear. He's helped me and my team by alerting us to issues in our business that were not getting enough attention, but also didn’t pretend to "know it all" (and was clear when a topic was outside his realm of expertise). I highly recommend his services to provide great "wingman" advice for a CEO/COO, but also a non-threatening, temporary addition to your management team to help them progress critical issues in your business." Tom Guthrie


"There is not enough space on this document to express all of the ways that Bob brings value to the organizations and dialogue he is part of. I have been fortunate to engage with Bob on multiple levels and projects, from him being the leader of our C-3 Forum to his representation of a business I was interested in. Bob walks out incredible core values and builds upon such with many years of business and community experience. I have referred business owner clients to Bob that were facing potential transitions and I strongly endorse Bob and his ability to add value!" Roger Reynolds


"You have certainly helped me to find 'my road' again and get me on my way. I appreciate all you have done for me and will be forever grateful for making a difference in my life. I am starting to sound sappy now, so I will sign off. One last thought-- Many times we say to people, you are the best, but it has never been truer than YOU, Bob King, are the BEST!" Thanks again,


"Bob has brought invaluable expert resources and guidance to our firm - he has not only been able to identify and isolate trouble areas, he has also been great in helping craft solutions. Bob's depth of character and sharp mind will become self-evident upon short acquaintance. On top of all that, Bob is a great family man and all around good guy!"
Darrell Couts, Owner, CEO, Tango Office Environments, June 2009


"Bob and I worked together for several years when he was president of a company that we purchased manufacturing services from. Bob dealt directly with us and he was always responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. He conducts himself with high integrity. During the times when we both faced tough business challenges, Bob worked with us in a collaborative manner to reach a win-win outcome. Bob is a sincere pleasure to do business with."
Jim Lippit, Manufacturing Manager, 3M


"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Bob on Long Range Planning projects. Bob is an excellent catalyst for getting groups thinking and then moving them to consensus and action. He has a real gift for getting to the core of the issues and then translating that into plans that all can embrace and move to results."
Matt Close, VP, The TAS Group, June, 2009


"I can't speak highly enough about Bob King. He was a former colleague and most recently a consultant for our business. Bob helped us focus our efforts, initiated disciplines to help us monitor important aspects of our business, and was overall a delight to work with. I would say it is the best money we ever spent; a true investment in our business."
Rick Garlock, Owner, President, G Group, June, 2009


"I have worked with Bob King in several different capacities over the last seven years and highly recommend him. Bob is a brilliant analyst who brings a practical approach to personal and corporate problem solving. He is thoughtful, listens well and works in a cooperative way with wisdom and utmost integrity. He is very highly regarded by his peers." David R. Goodnight, Principal,
Stoel, Rives, LLP


"Bob is an outstanding human being with deep experience in both SALES & MARKETING as well as OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. He is a quick study - can become effective with only a short investigation time. Immediately well-received by organization staff and creates no barriers to the fluid flow of information. He is very sensitive of his role as outside consultant, and very, very effective in his communications.

Very likeable by all parties but not shy about candor where it's needed. Guaranteed to bring high value to any situation.

I highly recommend him without reservation."
Daryl Miller, Owner, CEO Fischer Plumbing, June, 2009

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