"I have worked with Bob King in several different capacities over the last seven years and highly recommend him. Bob is a brilliant analyst who brings a practical approach to personal and corporate problem solving. He is thoughtful, listens well and works in a cooperative way with wisdom and utmost integrity. He is very highly regarded by his peers." David R. Goodnight, Principal,
Stoel, Rives, LLP

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Quantitative Report

1. Quantitative

  • Input of 10 company performance values over 3 years
  • Less than 20 minutes to complete
  • Output
    • Productivity and trend metrics on:
    • sales
    • working capital
    • margins
    • customer concentration
    • cash use


Quantitative Report2. Qualitative

  • Business assessment tool
  • Cross section of employees
    • Young, old
    • New, veteran
    • Cross functional
  • Does the vision tie to mission?
  • Do objectives follow the mission?
  • What are the company’s values?
  • How is senior management doing?
  • What about the customer?
  • Who is the “Perfect Customer"
Free Stress Test Assessment

3. Sales rep ROI  Sales ROI


4. Z Factor Z Factor

Proverbs 22:1     Choose a good reputation over riches, for being held in high esteem is better than having silver or gold. (NLT)

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